Mentor-Mentee Program

The Iraqi Health Professional Association – Australia (IHPAA) is proud to announce the launch of our National Mentoring program. The program aims to foster new relationships and support the personal and professional growth of young graduates and recently settled Iraqi colleagues.

The program is offered free to IHPAA Members.  It is designed to be flexible to allow mentees and mentors the opportunity to work together on a one-to-one basis to identify the mentoring needs of the mentee and develop objectives for the mentee-mentor relationship.

Who should consider joining?


Looking for career advice

Looking for general guidance, direction and support in your field

Desire to networking and building valuable skills


2+ years industry/academic experience

Willing to share experience and provide guidance and support to the assigned Mentee.

Willing to develop mentoring skills

Commitment to provide an average of 2 hours per month for the program.

Mentoring Guidelines

IHPAA Mentoring Committee will facilitate mentor-mentee pairings, but it is expected that the relationship will be managed by the individual mentor and mentee. This allows them to mold the relationship according to the mentee’s needs and mentor’s experience and commitments.

The following guidelines should be read by mentors and mentees. They do not constitute a formal agreement, but they need to be understood by both parties.

The mentoring relationship is entirely voluntary for both parties.

At the outset, the roles of mentor and mentee should be agreed so that both parties have a clear understanding of their roles.

As a mentor, you are there to respond to the mentee’s development needs, not impose your own agenda. The mentor’s role is to challenge and support the mentee and provide constructive feedback.

Mutual respect is required as either or both parties may be busy with workload or other responsibilities. Be reasonable with each other and both take responsibility for the mentoring relationship.

Both aim to keep the relationship working well and to keep in regular contact with each other as much as possible. Remember to keep each other updated and be aware that any matters discussed need to be treated as confidential.

If either or both of you feel at any stage that the mentoring relationship is not going well, it can be terminated at any time but has to be discussed first ensuring mutual respect and understanding. Once the relationship has ended, both parties need to inform the IHPAA Mentoring Committee in writing.

Recommendations for Mentees

Allow your mentor to take the lead in the relationship, at least initially. Listen and respect the opportunities, limitations and format of the relationship he or she is able to provide for you. Always act with courtesy and respect towards your mentor.

Use active listening skills during discussions with your mentor. Take notes when appropriate, ask good questions and have a purpose for your questions.

Prepare the goals and objectives you have for your career. Be prepared to ask for specific guidance and advice on your goals, plans and strategic ideas. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for your mentor to help you.

Always be considerate and respect your mentor’s time as you do your own.

Express your appreciation for every form of assistance you get.

Make only positive or neutral comments about your mentor to others. If you disagree with your mentor’s values, behaviours, or attitudes, discuss it with him/her directly. Respect your mentor’s confidence and trust.

Follow up with your mentor after termination to keep in touch, to share your progress and to continue to express your gratitude.

Expression of Interest (Mentee)

Mentees willing to enrol in the Mentor-Mentee Program: please fill and submit this form

Expression of Interest (Mentor)

Mentors willing to volunteer in the Mentor-Mentee Program: please fill and submit this form