Iraqi Health Professionals

Association – Australia

An organisation for Australian Iraqi medical, dental and other health related professionals

About Us

The Iraqi Health Professionals Association – Australia (IHPAA) is a non-for-profit, non-government professional organisation with the goal of uniting all Australian Iraqi health professionals. The association was created to offer a social and professional network for Australian-Iraqi health professionals to connect, providing bridges, referral pathways, raising awareness and celebrating achievements by the Iraqi health professional community here in Australia. The Association welcomes all health professionals with an Iraqi heritage, whether they were born overseas or in Australia, and does not discriminate between different beliefs, religions, genders or politics.

IHPAA was established to encourage and facilitate scientific, educational and social functions and activities between members. One of our main objectives is to raise awareness and enhance national and international exposure of Iraqi health professionals and their contributions and clinical services to the Australian medical and health industry.

The Association board is encompassing a variety of health professionals from different areas; our board members are comprised of General Practitioners, medical specialists and surgeons, dentists, podiatrists, psychologists, and pharmacists.

Our Board Members

The current board members of the IHPAA were selected from among the members elected at the Annual General meeting held in 2022.

Dr. Saif Hayek

President / Dentist

Dr. Salwa Kirkukli

Vice president / GP

Dr. Dina Mahmoud

Secretary / Psychiatrist

George Damuk

Treasurer / Pharmacist

Dr. Sam Al-Sohaily


Dr. Adnan Al-Rabeeah


Dr. Alhan Farjo


Hawraa AL-Zargani


Dr. Hiba Aal-Yaseen


Our Blog

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